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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
12:48 am
Bjd For Sale , Main Sales Page ~
back and better than ever baby!
i'm getting into a lot of things lately.
im making plushies again
starting to work on dollfies!
and also sculpting!
so you can see ive been a busy little bumble bee ^-^
and thats all that comes to mind Lol XD

Oh yea, i made a bunch new things i will be putting pics! here is one of them

First things first! if you want to commission me  please be serious about it
and i will let you know now the price range so that you can expect how much they will be


7 inches - $60 USD + Shipping
9 inches - $80 USD + Shipping
14 inches - $120 USD + Shipping
18 inches - $180 USD to 200 + Shipping
24 inches - $300 USD + Shipping

I only accept Paypal,Cash And Money Order , Once payment is received i will start on your plushies asap! ^-^

(P.s. I Do Some Trades ~  ^-~ )

thats a preview of my latest creation ;D

i got tons more!Tons Of Pictures And Info Inside! Collapse )

Friday, August 8th, 2008
4:46 pm
Anime Stuff and Plushies For Sale
Anime For Sale

I've been putting a few Sailor Moon things up on ebay! Check them out!

Rare Sailor Moon Music Box!  (Direct Link To It)

Home-made plushies by me can be found under the cut!
(If interested in any pictures that I haven't included, please let me know and I'll get them to you!)

 Yaten Plush

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Thursday, August 7th, 2008
11:17 pm
My return on Live Journal, And Anime Stuff For Sale
Wow its been so long since ive been here o-o
i never posted anything here or talked to anyone XD!
im here now because of my new friend that wanted me to join on her sailor moon rp thing
and i will join if i know how to come around this site lmfao
im so confused by it.
but anyways

ill write a little bit about myself ^^

I can be super hyper and friendly but i can always be mean
if you rub off the wrong way ya know?
I love rping. drawing,. anime games and all that awesome stuff
and cosplaying!

And now for the fun part 8D!

I make plushies as a living for myself so i work at home (here are some pictures of them 8D)
you can imagine how a doll maker can be so busy x_x

(What i am currently selling a Yaten plush that i made  from Sailor Moon Stars STAR HEALER! 8D!)




Yaten's Wig ^

I also have Nehelenia/Luna's wig but  im waiting for this person to let me know if she wants it or not o-o

  (my most favorite as for now 8D)

I just made her today! 8/10/2008

i made everything there but brago

and this

and this. ill just post a couple of them


Mr Jack Spicer! *squees* you can see how big he is neh? hes liek the size of half my body . i can make plushies as big as you liek but rememebr it will coast quiet a bit.

thats it for now of plushie pictures. i have to many lol

I also make Dollfies.
but im not going to go to that just yet i have to complete the others i started and left hanging.
I take commissions for plushies. so if you have something in mind, just send me a note and ill see what i can do
^^  I  also make little cosplaying stuff like wands and what not.
i plan on making some sailor moon wants and other anime things.
i make Eyes for dollfies paint them in different colors and ways .

Dollfie Eyes

I will also start painting dollfie faces but fist i will do them to my own when im once finished,
and if i like the way it comes out
i will show you guys pictuers
and if you want me to do facial stuff for your dollfies you can trust me im not a theif!
i know how it is to get something you love being stolen T^T it sucks major ass
so i can relate.  but that will be later on  and i can make costumes for the dollfies i just need there sizes or you can send the dollfie to me
and i will take the measuremenats and send them back to you with the clothes and everything ^^

i will soon post pics of it so you can see what i do.
I can also draw depending if i have time in my hands
i have a DA account  which would be


also have a myspace to that i use for rping sometimes.
I can be a tad bit lazy and slow in replies because i get busy aside form the rp world.
i can draw some things for you if you like as commissions like Poster size stuff ill give you an example

im not finished with that one as you can see lmao im going to draw the whole cast on there
but when i have the time ><!
thats another thing i can get really busy so things will be on hold and if it takes me a while to make your things
please be patient with me x_x cause i do alot of things all at once as you can see

And i also take wig commissions like if you want sailor moon type of wigs i can make them for you.
and it wont be as pricey as ive seen others sell them before to over exagerated.
heres  something ive made Nehelenia's wig or could also be used as Luna's wig style
from Sailor Moon. i also have Yatens wig style thing for sale. if you want them just message me and ill let you know 8D

theres just so much to write but i will end it here

^^ thank you for your time ~

Irashi ~

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